品质办理系统(Quality Management System,QMS)是指在品质方面批示和节制构造的办理系统。品质办理系统是构造外部成立的、为完成品质方针所必需的、系统的品质办理形式,是构造的一项计谋决议计划。它将资本与进程连系,以进程办理体例停止的系统办理,按照企业特色选用多少系统因素加以组合,普通包含与办理勾当、资本供给、产物完成和丈量、阐发与改良勾当相干的进程构成,能够懂得为涵盖了从肯定主顾需要、设想研制、出产、查验、发卖、托付之前全进程的筹谋、实行、监控、改正与改良勾当的请求,普通以文件化的体例,成为构造外部品质办理任务的请求。

The quality management system refers to the management system of command and control organization in terms of quality. Quality management system is a necessary and systematic quality management mode established within the organization to achieve the quality objectives. It is a strategic decision of the organization. It combines resource and process, system management based on process management method, and combines several system elements according to the characteristics of the enterprise. It generally includes process composition related to management activities, resources supply, product realization, measurement, analysis and improvement activities. It can be understood as covering the requirements of the customer. The design, production, inspection, sales and delivery of the whole process of planning, implementation, monitoring, correction and improvement of the requirements of the activities, generally in a document way, to become the internal quality management of the organization requirements.